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  • The new Axis
    of versatile lighting

    Meticulously designed from the ground up, the Axis Series combines precise design, versatility and high performance.

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  • The next generation of
    architectural lighting is coming

    This year represents the most significant evolution to our product range and brand since our inception. Stay tuned for the 2016 catalogue.

  • Introducing the
    Apex Downlight Series

    The Apex Downlight Series offers a subtle yet versatile lighting solution for indoor and outdoor applications. Its minimal design with subtle accents is supported by superior performance.

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  • Endless possibilities with
    the Onyx Spotlight Series

    Designed with high grade anodised aluminium, a faceted reflector and a 360° titling lens head, the Onyx Spotlight is a stylish addition to any design application.

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Diamonds are renowned for their brilliance and clarity. Our Diamond Series features our highest CRI lights for vivid colour reproduction

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